Welcome to Beer House Obotta!

logo_obotta200x200We are the finest beer house in our corner of North Karelia. The pub is located in the heart of Nurmes, Finland. (Map here!)

Our Beer House opened it’s taps in 1985. Obotta was among the few places in Finland that served beer exclusively. Critics said the business won’t last for long but Obotta has proved them wrong. Relaxed atmosphere and customer oriented approach has always been valued and everyone still feels welcome when they bark in through the saloon doors of Obotta.

Today Obotta servers hard liquor and food as well. With the outdoor patio open the pub can hold 200 customers.

We also hold private functions such as Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, graduations and so on, custom tailored to fit the customer’s wishes. Please contact us for more info!

Opening hours:

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Oluttupa Obotta (Beer House Obotta)
Karjalankatu 4
75500 Nurmes

Phone: 013 482 144

Email: oluttupaobotta@gmail.com